Who do INTPs get along with best romantically? Worst?

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  • I have difficulties with Exxx types (I go nuts with all the talking and the repetition), and I tend to have problems with SJs as well.

    I have been in good relationships with NFs and am doing Very Well with an INTJ.
    • What do you like about INFs? Are they ever too emotionally demanding for you?
      • sucky people suck.

        Sometimes I have bad days, sometimes other people have bad days.

        As long as things go "well enough" for me, I stick around. I also have a high degree of hysteresis (ie, as long as an aberration is not "too big" I can ride out the bumps).

        And I have learned to talk about things and work toward resolution.

        One thing I like about the enneagram model is that they talk about how we are on a path. Sometimes it is a path of evolution, and sometimes it is a path of devolution.

        I like to work on "my stuff". Aside from the direct benefits, it means I attract a "higher quality" mate and these sort of problems come up less.


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